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The original little Wine Course was born in July 2007. At the time, Dohne was the head chef at the Kalk Bay theatre and Lisa was the proprietor of a boutique wine shop. Their mutual delight in both food and wine led to many happy hours of playing with tastes and flavours.

Earlier in her wine career, Lisa had been involved with a wine training organisation for over 14 years; running courses presented to hotel management students. Her interest in teaching people to enjoy wine as part of a lifestyle choice had persisted. Dohne felt that there was a need to encourage people to be more creative in their own kitchen and incorporate simple ideas that often have dramatic results.  The two ideas married well, expanding substantially over several bottles of good wine until ‘The little Wine Course’ became a reality.

The courses ran for almost two years with a great deal of fun and enjoyment by all who attended. Changes in careers of both Lisa & Dohne caused the course to be shelved.

It is with great delight that Dohne and Lisa announce that’ The little Wine Course’ is re-born. The format has evolved and the venue has been upgraded.

The little Wine Course consists of four modules as follows:

Module one:  HISTORY  – briefly and entertainingly presented, giving an outline of where wine comes from, how it ended up in South Africa, what influences have shaped our local industry and where we fit into the current global picture.

Module two: VITICULTURE – all about the grape vine, where it likes to grown, what makes a happy vine with good bunches, what makes it cross (with ‘iffy’ bunches).

Module three: WINEMAKING – yes you can do this at home….the basics of how wine is made, where does all that lovely flavour (and alcohol) come from?

Module four: WINE SERVICE  – playing with wine at home…which ones to keep and where to keep them, which ones to drink and how to serve them, which ones to cook with, and when all else fails, which ones to give to your in-laws as a gift.

Each module is structured as follows:

*18h00 – 18h30: Arrive and enjoy a welcome drink

* 18h30 (promptly): 30 – 45 minute presentation of the relevant topic for that module (promise we don’t waffle)

*19h15 – tasting of 6 wines – followed by a short 10 minute break

*19h45 – dinner is served – four courses, tasted with 6 wines to explore combinations of flavours

The costs are as follows:

Four modules (1-4) prepaid = R1200 (all four modules must be attended within four months of attending the first module or they will be forfeit).

Per module = R350

More info:

Venue:                                         The Last Word – Constantia

When:                                          Tuesday evenings starting 6th March 2012

Info and bookings:                  Dohne – 082 345 0856



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Booking: The little Wine Course runs every Tuesday evening, please specify which dates you would be interested in booking and the amount of guests.